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A fantastic opportunity for staff networks (employee resource groups) and their organisations across different sectors in the UK workplace to participate in the nation's (and indeed the world's) only day recognising the added value of staff networks.
Wednesday 11th May 2022 and the theme for 2022 is ‘ViableVisibleVoices’. This is the 6 th time we are celebrating this fantastic and special day.
Staff networks offer support to employees from different groups as they endeavour to navigate the processes, systems and culture that may prevent them from progressing and/or being their authentic self in the workplace. They are an effective mechanism of workforce engagement that can provide insight into unseen barriers and devise practical, creative and commercially viable solutions to help address the systemic challenges faced by certain groups. Put simply, effective staff networks are making work better. They are helping to change the culture in their organisations and people involved do this in addition to other competing priorities.
There are 3 elements:
Celebrate: To encourage employers across the UK to acknowledge and celebrate how staff networks, through their insight, innovation and intelligence, add value and help make constructive use of difference thus improving the corporate health of the organisation.
Inspire: To call for all staff networks to collaborate in their celebration and, given the ‘intersectionality’ of employees, identify ways how they can work together in the future to inspire and continue to raise awareness and foster inclusion in the workplace.
Transform: Influence the conversation about staff networks so that they are seen as business critical and effective mechanisms of voice, innovation and inclusion
It certainly is! We became a social enterprise (Community Interest Company) in 2019 and our registration number is: 12208703. There is a committee of five Directors who oversee the work of the campaign and has a constitution.
Most of the resources are supplied by the generosity of sponsors including The Power of Staff Networks, Bank of America, and Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions. We also partner with organisations such as Dods Group (Diversity and Inclusion) to help promote the day too. We welcome sponsors and partners so please contact us regarding our various sponsorship opportunities.
We don't want to be too prescriptive but simply ask that events embrace the spirit of the day and incorporate the theme. It’s likely that we will be celebrating virtually
People can organise events for the staff networks in their organisation (local) or they could invite networks from other organisations in their area (regional).
  • Meet with other staff networks to discuss how you can celebrate together.

  • Consider the achievements of the staff networks. How are they making work better?

  • What can you celebrate? Achievements? Impact?

  • What commitment do you want from senior managers over the next 12 months?

  • Do you need a Keynote Speaker?

  • Consider doing a 'wall of achievement' or 'Cake and Conversation virtual Café’

  • How can colleagues get involved in the staff networks? What's needed and why?

  • Register your intention to celebrate.
  • @day4networks / #MakingWorkBetter #ViableVisibleVoices

  • www.nationaldayforstaffnetworks.co.uk

  • www.facebook.com/staffnetworksday

  • www.instagram.com/staffnetworksday

The national day is aimed at encouraging staff networks to pull together as a community and celebrate collaboratively not as separate groups. Think intersectionality!
Excitement is great but momentum is better. The national day isn't going anywhere - it's here to stay! So let's celebrate, inspire and ensure we start the transformation piece so that we have something to really shout about.
Still got questions? No problem – drop us an email: CampaignTeam@networksday.co.uk